1. voxsart:

    Monsieur Verdoux.

    Charlie Chaplin, 1947.

  2. downeastandout:

    Denim Trousers

    I… I think I want this.

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  3. Clean

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  4. voxsart:

    Vested Details.

    Steve McQueen.

  5. howtotalktogirlsatparties:

    “I got this in 1979 and it has a lot of miles on it—some motorcycle miles, and it was my regular outerwear during the days when New York streets could be risky. It probably saved my life when I resisted a two perp mugging at knifepoint on Avenue D. (Or maybe it was the Sacred Heart of Jesus pinned inside it over my heart.) Some guys wore tagged leather jackets back then. One day I asked my friend Jean-Michel Basquiat to draw one of his crowns on the back of mine. Jean was so into kingship he smoked Chesterfield Kings. My friend George DuBose had nicknamed me Leroy because he said I acted like a king. This jacket made me feel even more like one.”- Glenn O’Brien

  6. artcomesfirst:

    Cream White Flannel Trousers & Sportscoats

    I have a spring wedding to attend, and these are basically the outfits I was thinking of, based on what I’ve got in the closet… does this mean I’m finally building a half-decent, somewhat flexible wardrobe?! One can hope.

  8. jhilla:

    Multi Houndstooth, collar Flip, knotted.

    Inspiration from Tie Your Tie

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  9. Joseph Gordon-Levitt ,Seth MacFarlane and Daniel Radcliffe singing and dancing at the Oscars

    High hopes ladies and gents.

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  10. The detail on Hugh Jackman’s tux during the Les Mis medley was great. Hard to see for most of the performance, but quite something when it showed.

  11. I just really like all the colours.

  12. Got a couple of things through Put This On in the mail the other week! They’ve been putting their pocket squares up on Etsy, but only what hasn’t sold through their Gentleman’s Association subscription, so they don’t last long. The tie I found through one of their regular eBay roundup posts, and it’s definitely one of my favorite items at the moment.

  13. I tried out the Trinity knot this morning, and thought it might be nice with a two-colour tie. I have a couple of summer weddings to attend where this crazy sucker would be fun to wear.

    Good instructions here.

    (Side note: does anyone else do that on weekend mornings? Try new knots in your skivvies while watching Premier League replays? Just me?)

  14. A lovely fold from Tweed in the City, with instructions. Via Put This On

  15. Nothing like a fluffy, warm, ridiculous-looking cat to get you in the proper relaxation mode, even if I have to make a special trip to get my fix. Cheers to the weekend.